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Aim Of Society

Aims of Society

The society is established for the following objective, each of which is independent of the other.

  • To provide free medical, educational and nutritional aid to deserving candidates by charitable economical means and to inspire humanitarian values like truth, nonviolence, love, peace etc. among them and o motivate them in the interest of nation and world by the means of religion.
  • To establish free health centers and to provide free medical services.
  • To conduct free health camps and to distribute free medicines.
  • To establish library for spreading useful knowledge regarding science and art.
  • Family planning, prevention of AIDS, Leprosy.
  • To avail grants from Indian state and central Government and foreign agencies for upliftment of schedule caste and scheduled tribes.
  • To educate people about the evils of alcohol and drug intake.
  • To promote natural therapy and establish free centers of natural therapy.
  • Free vaccination of children.
  • To prevent atrocities against children.
  • To provide legal help to prevent atrocities against medical practitioners.
  • To provide help in case of national and regional calamities like draught, flood, earthquakes, train accident etc.
  • To run cow homes for grooming cows
  • To plant trees and to educate people about pollution
  • To help poor and down froden

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